About ME

Leaving the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerpen – Fashion Department in 2011, she joined a famous Parisian label – Guy Laroche as Senior Designer. To conserve the aesthetics between the Parisian elegance and characterized design philosophy nurtured from the academy. A contemporary womenswear label – MEIKING NG was established in 2015.

MEIKING NG believes that life and experience are the foundation of all creativity. She always digs out the stories in life from her deep memory: childhood, teenage, family, friendship & love etc. as inspiration, through fashion captures all the precious moment, feeling and people in life. Every collection indicates one story one moment in different stage of life. It is a dimensional dairy to record what she always treasures to present a metropolitan lady in capricious and romantic way.

She spends double input of effort, energy and materials to create significant experimental Reversible double-faced and Multi-Wearable structure in term of combining two designs in one piece, meticulous in both inner & outer beauty without differentiation as a prefect lady possess and deserves! Mainly using natural delicate sustainable SILK with sophisticated details and craftsmanship, incorporating rich layering to present a distinctive characterized images.